Best Indian Attractions in London

Visiting London will surprise you more with Indian empowerment. Wherever you keep your eyes, you will find Indian attraction everywhere. Restaurants, museum, monuments, jewellery, art and craft, festivals, etc. are the main center of Indian attraction in London.
It makes you even more surprised to know that the national dish of London is Chicken Tikka Masala. The white people were more impressed by the Indian spice flavors, rather than their own food culture.

Putting light on best Indian attractions in London, you would be curious to know about:

Indian houses

The Holland Park is also known as the villa of Maharaja Duleep Singh of Lahore. He was devoted to Queen Victoria, and lived a lavish lifestyle after attaining Christianity.
Another known house is Formal Home of Mahatma Gandhi. During studies, Mahatma Gandhi lived there. It is just half a mile away from Holland Park. This home is also known today as Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan with a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Nehru galary in British Museum

The Nehru galary in British museum is flooded with Indian art and crafts, antiquities, Indian sculptures, Tipu sultan’s tiger, block print canvas, anglo Indian furniture and lot more.

Kohinoor- the famous Indian diamond is also an Indian attraction at the tower of London.

Hotels and restaurants 

 London also has a plenty of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy your Indian stuff.
Dishoom the delight, tally ho to talli joe’s gives you hit on Indian cocktails, and the famous punjabi’s restaurants. Bursting Indian flavors can be relished in London and there is a lot more.


Southall in London is also an Indian attraction.
London is a place where you will explore a myriad of cultures. Apart from the food, history, etc. you will also spot escorts of different cultures and nationalities offering their services in the capital; for instance- Dutch escorts in London. This is the beauty of  London.